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Golden Assembly 22nd February

Wow!! Time is really moving on and we now have Gold award winners every week. We even had winners of VIP badges for nine Positive Pink stickers in Planners. The children of Armley Primary has such stars!

Fantastic Friday Assembly 5 - 2 - 18

Another stunning week, with your children still showing their talents and effort to achieve and please within school and class.

KS2 National Story-telling Week

On Thursday 1st February, Key Stage 2 had their chance to shine for National Story-telling Week. Year 3 started, by acting out the story of Marshmallows that they are currently reading and writing about. Then Year 4 read and shared the tales from Voices in the Park, using different groups and voices to tell of the visitors to a park. Year 5 flowed, acting out their abridged version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Tale. This proved very popular with the rest of the school, as they enjoyed this introduction to classic literature. Year 6 will present their performance at a later date, but again everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to and sharing their texts and story-telling skills.

KS1 National Story-telling Week
Fantastic Friday Assembly 26/1/18

Congratulations to all our Award-winning pupils, including the first Gold Award winners, from Year 5 and Year 6.

Kristingle Assembly

On Friday morning all the children in school made a Kristingle. In Assembly they heard the Christmas Story read by a child from each class, with everyone singing carols and festive songs between each 'chapter '. When we sang 'Silent Night' the children broke their glo-sticks and sang by 'candlelight'!

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Golden Assembly

Thursday 21st December saw Armley hold their second Golden Book Assembly of 2017. The children and parents enjoyed supporting their classmates as we discovered who were Ruby Reader, Star Mathematicians, star Spellers and Golden Writer.

15th December

Please don't gasp and wonder what has happened to Armley Primary's uniform - we haven't decided to change the school colours! Todays's assembly took place on Christmas Jumper Day, and the effort from children and staff was amazing. There were Santa's galore, trees and presents all over the place, and enough reindeer to pull a whole fleet full of sleighs. The event was to support Save the Children, and Armley Primary children proved themselves the best, as we know they are. Here are this week's most wonderful...

25th November

Your children continue to shine, impressing everyone with their 'Respect, Ready, Safe' attitude and efforts.

16th November

Our 'Thrilling Thursday' Assembly was well attended by proud parents again. Thank you for the great support you are showing to school and your children.

9th November

Just some more photos to celebrate the wonderful children you allow us to spend our days with, and their marvellous efforts within school. These children are amazing examples of a 'Ready, Respectful, Safe' attitude

2nd November

Another week, another group of amazing children. These individuals continue to bright our days and make everyone's lives more enjoyable and productive.

20th October - Golden Assembly

Our special Golden Assembly is for those children who have impressed academically throughout the last half-term. Children are recognised for Golden Book (writing), Star Speller. Ruby Reader and Star Mathematician, with awards for each class.

13th October

Friday the 13th and we really need a boost! I know...let's enjoy those pupils who are Ready, Respectful and Safe, and set a marvellous example.

Royal National Institute for the Blind

All of Armley Primary were excited today when we were visited by two canine representatives of the RNIB, and their human handler. Children had the chance to learn about the training and everyday working life of a guide dog. They were calm and sensible - and so were the children - and provided lots of opportunities for follow-up in class about supporting people who find life challenging for many different reasons.

5th October

I know, I know - it's Thursday! But we can still celebrate those Ready, Respectful and Safe children within school!

29th September

Fantastic Friday Assembly #3, and the children continue to set a positive example of Ready, Respectful, Safe.

22nd September - Fantastic Friday Assembly

Our second Fantastic Friday Assembly, and more children who set a good example and deserve recognition for their Ready, Respectful and Safe attitude around school.

15th September - Fantastic Friday Assembly

Our first Fantastic Friday Assembly is to recognise those children who have impressed with their Ready, Respectful, Safe attitude within class and lessons.

Ruby Reader
There are five ways to improve your reading...
1) Read!
2) Read!
3) Read!
4) Read!
and 5) Read!

Each class has a Ruby Reader who has followed this advice and practised their reading and understanding of the texts used in class, or the Home Reading book carefully chosen by an adult to support their learning and skills.
Each Ruby Reader recieves a sparkling ruby red badge, to show others how well they have practised and improved their skills, while their photo will also be included in the Hall display of Pupil Achievements.
Thia award is also a 'Thank you' to those parents who support their child at home, finding five minutes a day to hear them read, question them about their understanding of the book, and signing their Reading Record.
Star Mathematician
The Star Mathematician is that one person in class who has managed to stand out above their classmates as someone who puts in hard work to learn number bonds, or calculation Success Criteria, or how to follow specific strategies in order to solve number problems. Their photo is displayed in the Hall, while they recieve a certificate and a star badge to keep and wear proudly.
Star Spellers
A Star Speller is a child who has worked hard to learn a certain spelling rule, or group of words, or has improved the quality of spellings in their work, across all lessons and subjects. Chosen by the class teacher and support staff, they not only get their photo taken and displayed in the Hall for everyone to see, thay also recieve a certificate which is signed by Mrs Callaghan before being laminated as their keepsake. 
Golden Book Award
Every half term we love to celebrate children whose writing shows their effort and learning. They have worked hard to plan, draft, edit and then publish a finished piece of writing in a specific genre that they, and their teacher, are extremely proud of.
Their original work is included on a display in the Hall, where everyone in school can have a look and appreciate their hard work.
When the display is changed next half-term, their work will be included in the Golden Book kept in the front entrance of school, and visitors can then enjoy their work too. 
Fantastic Friday Assembly
Every week we have a Fantastic Friday Assembly, when we enjoy the chance to celebrate and applaud children from every class, for a variety of reasons. 
Marvellous Manners is an award for that child who has been a shining example of politeness, courtesy and an excellent representative for Armley Primary School. They recieve an invitation to a special lunch on the Sanctuary, with a guest of their choice, where they can eat with a member of the Senior Management Team. They all sit at a table with tablecloths on, and enjoy a thrilling and engaging conversation as they dine.
Tall Walker is for the person in each class who always walks proudly around school, being Safe and considerate to others by walking sensibly and not rushing. They look positive and confident, which means they often act more confidently, and so they should, as they are someone we are proud of.
Legendary Lining-Up is a whole-class award for the class that has most displayed a thoughtful and Respectful attitude to other classes and people within school. They line up to come into school from break or lunch calmly and patiently, and move within classes and the corridors in the same manner. The winning class recieves an extrememly rare and expensive solid gold-plated plastic ruler, decorated with the rarrest shiny stickers, to display in their classroom for the following week!
Welcome to our new page, where you will find all the details of our Fantastic Friday Assemblies.
We know that there are times when you cannot attend and enjoy seeing your child recieve the praise and recognition they deserve. Therefore we will be updating to include photos and names of all the children whose achievements are being celebrated.

It will take some time, but please bear with us as the intention is to get all previous Fantastic Friday Assemblies lists up-loaded as soon as possible, with photos.