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Year 4 – Term 2:1 Spring 2018

Year 4 will use s
tories using journeys and biographies to develop reading and narrative writing. We will use non-fiction to support cross-curricula learning. Daily reading practise and weekly spelling lists will be part of the continued drive to develop literacy skills.

This will continue to develop mental and written methods for the four rules, using these to solve word problems, fractions, properties of shape and measures; involving length.
Mathletics use will provide opportunities to practise mental math skills and regular practise of times tables will help children increase the pace of their work.

We will apply maths skills, develop programming skills, use the internet, for research and to send internal e-mails.

This half term, art is a focus that will provide opportunities to research paintings and artists, develop techniques and use of a variety of materials within the theme of Nature.

Science work will be a study of electricity.The children will revise using equipment safely, create circuits and investigate conductors and insulators.

This term we will be visiting Armley Leisure Centre for our weekly swimming lessons. Other P.E. will include agility balance and co-ordination in dance.

The homework for Year 4 was completed in the Learning Logs and as power points provided interestig information for sharing within the class.
The homework topic will relate to the work the children cover with our visting author. They will select either an author or a book they will evaluate and record aspects to share with their peers.
Max Monkey has made his appearance this term to help the children cosolidate some of their recording skills. He will vist a child each weekend and share some of their weekend activites. These will be recorded in the form of a diary, with pictures (drawn or taken) and shared with the class on his return to school after the weekend. Evryone is looking forward to these adventures, and finding out how the cheeky monkey spends his weekend.
 Autumn Second Half Term 2017-18

will be just as busy for everyone in Year 4. We will continue to practise spellings and times tables, aiming for individual sucess in the Super Hero challenges and confident use of Read Wrte Inc. 

In literacy children will be using a selection of poetry and story settings, character studies and story-telling skills.  Non-fiction writing will involve writing explanations; relating to topic and science work. Mathematics will continue to develop understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with decimals, measurement of mass and time. The children will be considering the states of matter in Science, investigating solids, liquids and gases. In P.E. the children will continue to develop individual agility, balance, co-ordination and stamina and use these to enhance their rugby skills. RE will involve the Nativity story, leading up to Christmas. 

Science investigations usually begin with a question. The topic question we decided to investigate related to the drinks we all consume regularly. Whiat effect would they have on our teeth?  The liquids tested included milk, orange juice,summer fruits, cola, and water. We used eggshell for testing the liquids and left the samples for seven days. We were all quite discusted by the results. Everyone agreed how important cleaning teeth is even after drinking and that water was the only option if we tooth cleaning was not an option. 
Junior Jam 
What a busy IT day! The whole session was dedicated to becoming a music producer. The children were brilliant, laying down the their chosen rhythms and layering the instruments. Fortunately the headphones controlled the volume but all were proudly able to share their compositions before the end of the afternoon sessions. I'm sure we will hear of future music producers having had their foundation in Armley.

Autumn First Half Term 2017-18

The topic theme for September will be Religious Education. In Year 4 we will study the New Testament parables and their interpretation. In Literacy we will develop non-narrative writing; use note making skills and create non chronological reports. In addition we will continue daily reading, review and extend grammar, punctuation and spelling skills. In Mathematics, Year 4 will begin the autumn term by working with rounding, estimation and place value. We will review mental and written methods for addition and subtraction; solving problems involving money and length. We will continue to use Mathletics to practise mental math skills and regular practise of times tables will support the children with the pace of their work. In IT we will use the internet, discuss e-safety, create and send e-mails within school. In Science we will learn about Teeth and the digestive system.  PE will continue to develop their agility, balance and co-ordination in small team and invasion games using hockey skills. It will be a busy time and I am looking forward to working with my new class.