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Japan topic
Japanese Banquet

As part of our study of Japan for our Geography topic, Year 3 enjoyed a Japanese Banquet on Wednesday 27th June. Mr Leaf, Miss Harris and Miss Macarthur were brilliant, preparing more than 12 foods commonly eaten by the Japanese. Miso soup, sushi, prawns (two types) and rice and egg noodles were served. There was also six different fruits, and while these were mostly familiar to the children we didn't realise they were grown and eaten in Japan too.

Soccer Aid

As we prepare for the World Cup next week, all the children and staff at Armley Primary had a full day to support Soccer Aid and find-raise. Mr Barker organised different activities, with help from Mr Hayes and Mr Smith, and the children got chance to practice different skills. Nearly everyone wore football kit and donated £1, so that by the time we are finished the school will have raised over £150 for the charity.

Rainy Day Reward

Year 3 have been fantastic readers this half-term, reading at home and in school, with adults and friends, or on their own. As a reward they walked to Armley Park for half an hour's fun - in the rain! After the lovely weather this last few days, who would believe the change, but it didn't slow them down! They climbed, swung, see-sawed and revolved, using every piece of equipment. It was lovely to see them have so much fun, and it was a joyous rainy day memory to treasure.

Leeds United and netball

Our last session this half term, and the children loved the opportunity to engage in a full game of netball. Split in two group, one group practised basic skills while the other was made into two groups to play, using bibs and the netball goals to play a full game. After twenty minutes they swapped, so everyone got the chance to engage in a competitive game.

PE - Netball

Everyone was so excited when we finally go the chance to go outside for PE and some netball sessions - does anyone else think the cold, wet weather has gone on for long enough? The children were brilliant, following rules and sharing and supporting each other. Things definitely got competitive, but everyone had a great time and played fairly, with some children showing real talent, both for scoring but also for stopping quickly and turning on the spot.

Judo Session

Year 3 had the most marvelous afternoon on Tuesday 24th April, when they all got the chance to join in with a Judo session in the Hall. They quickly dressed in a white suit and sat around the mat, listening to instructions from the trainer. They practiced throws, rolls and stances, and loved the 'shouting-out' parts too much!


Tuesday 20th March and Year 3 had a marvellous time at Swallow Hill Community College, taking part in their PE extravaganza. With support from two parents - thank you mums - we walked up to the college first thing in the morning, with PE kits on underneath, so we were the first school ready for action. Pupils from Swallow Hill helped organise and run the activities, including some familiar faces from previous year groups at Armley Primary - thank you and it was lovely to see you Peter, Layla and Max. The children circulated in three groups, enjoying running, throwing and skipping challenges, with some very high scores being recorded. They were a credit to you all, being excellent representatives of Year 3 and Armley Primary, and engaged fully with the whole activity.

Science Day

Year 3 had the most amazing start to Science Day. Every class in Key Stage 2 had the chance to work in the different classes and carry out different activities - and Year 3's was the gross-est! In the Year 3 classroom, we were set up to make 'coprolites', using flour, salt and water. Before you move on, with nom idea what coprolites are - neither did we. Would you believe archaeologists use coprolites to learn about life long ago - it is fossilised poo!! Every child in Key Stage 2 got the chance to mix the basic 'dough', using brown paint and stock cubes to add colour and fat, then moulded their 'poo'. Adding seeds and corn provided the 'evidence' of ancient diets. Then the good part - everyone had the opportunity to dissect someone else's 'poo' in order to check how healthy their diet had been. Some people needed a serious medical intervention, based on their coprolites!

Road Safety

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from the Road Safety group, who talked and showed us how important it is to wear a seat belt in the car. It is even the law, we found out! Anyone who is not yet 135cms tall must use a car seat or a booster cushion, so Mrs Wolstenholme drew a line on the door frame for anyone to use to check. Some of our children are already that tall, but several others were under, and now realise how important it is to be safe - well done, Year 3.

'Landscapes' Learning Log

Wow!! Well, what a success some children made of their homework project around the Art focus of 'Landscapes'. Their task was to draw an actual landscape they personally see regularly, one familiar to them. Then they also had to draw where they would like to live, an image from their imagination. Some children found this challenging, but gave a very good effort, with one boy in particular producing the most amazing action images. Others really embraced the chance to work multi-media and used wrappers, cotton wool and even marshmallows to create images - and a diagrams - of where they would choose to live. Amazing! Some of the pieces looked like a place I would live if I could!

Art Week - Growth and Growing

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to construct using mod-roc, with every child making their own flower pot. Using a plastic pot as their insert, they covered it with several layers of mod-roc. While it dried they used their Notebooks to design the decorations for their pots. This design was then painted onto their individual pots, with varying degrees of success, before potting compost and a narcissus bulb was added. We are hoping plants will begin to show soon, as children have no idea what their plant will look like.

D-Side and smoking

We had a visitor in Year 3 today when Ruth from D-Side came to talk to us about the hazards of smoking. With help from Sawera, Robbie and Emma she gave us facts about the chemicals in cigaretttes, its affects on the body and the expenses involved. We learnt that the same chemicals from batteries, bleach, nail varnish remover and even rat poison are in cigarettes!! Did you also know that tar from cigarette smoke is black and thick, and stops your lungs and heart from working properly? Year 3 do! The children are now slightly more prepared to make healthier choices as they grow up.

Team working Skills

Today Year 3 had Nigel and Tom in from Leeds United, and enjoyed different activities based around team-building and team skills. They talked about what skills and strengths were used, science was used during the Reac Ions game, partners joined in too. Everyone was involved with Infinty Tig -ask your child how to play, but expect to be made to play! Great fun and fast-paced - thank you, Nigel and Tom.

And so we come to the end of another term, and a 'Happy Holiday' to all. Next year (that sounds so strange!) in Year 3 we are looking forward to lots of new topics and learning.
Literacy will focus on adventure stories, with chapters, paragraphs and descriptions being a strong focus, while in Numeracy coordinates, angles and time are themes, along with the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of course.
Science is looking at 'Animals and Humans', including bones and muscles in different animals. ICT is using digital media, including the iPads and different programmes, while PE is invasion games and gymnastics. 
The subject focus is Art and Design, involving different media and the subject of 'Landscapes'. The second week in January is Art Week, when children will focus on different aspects to create displays of 2D and 3D work in a gallery for you to enjoy. With National Story-telli Week and E Safety Week also in the first half term, Year 3 will be very busy, but I am sure with your support the children will be up to the challenge.
Christingle Assembly
Christmas Party Day

Year 3 and Year 4 had the most marvellous time for Party Day on Tuesday 19th December. There were sausage rolls and crisps, juice and buns, and ice cream to finish. In the Hall everyone from Key Stage 2 joined in with Pass the Parccel and Musical Statues. Children won sweets and books as prizes, and everyone spent all afternoon smiling.

Christmas Jumper Day

Year 3 have enjoyed wearing their Christmas jumpers today and showing their support for Save the Children at th same time. Som children have even made their own Christmas jumpers at home, and have done a marvellous job too! Thank you parents for your help and support.

Hair dancing

We used a balloon and static electricity to show how pollen sticks to a bee's legs when it is collecting nectar.

Gymnastic Jamboree

Year Three really went to town on Wednesday 23rd November, when Amy from Leeds Rebound Gymnastics Centre came to school to support all the classes and look for children who showed exceptional skills in gymnastics and tumbling. She ended up so impressed with our children that every child got a letter offering a free trial session - wow!

Remembrance Day

Year 3 and Year 5 children were fantastic in the two weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday, as they went around school selling poppies and assorted Royal British Legion items to raise funds to support old and injured soldiers and their families. The whole school attended a Remebrance service at the cenotaph in Armley Park, where the Last Post and Lord's Prayer were used to commemorate and remember all those who have sacrificed so much for everyone. Then in class, Year 3 helped design and create a display for the hall, showing our gratitude and respect.

Spooky Hallowe'en

Year 3 enjoyed the chance to dress up this October, when Armley Primary held a fancy-dress day for Halloween. The children assure me they don't normally dress like this, but some of them just looked too comfortable! They enjoyed making 'switch' books with cartoon monsters, and played 'Wizards, Goblins and Trolls' in the hall. Even Mr Barker joined in the fun.

Spelling Bee

Armley Primary held its first Spelling Bee' on Friday 20th October, and Year 3 won their round! Yes, you heard correctly - Year 3 managed to beat Year 4, though it was a tough job! There were several rounds within each class, where groups of children played to eliminate the opposition and be their class representatives. Then Lower Key Stage Two (Year 3 and Year 4) played against each other, and Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5 and 6) played each other. The words were taken from texts used in class, High Frequency Word lists, and spelling patterns practiced in class too. In the end, Year 3 got just one more spelling than Year 4 and, while being good sports, it was great to take the trophy home to our classroom. Every child on the winning team also received a personal prize of a stationery set. Thank you, Mr Kinnes, for introducing the Spelling Bee to Armley Primary School.

Learning Logs to ICT.
Year 3 are showing their skills! The Learning Logs they created for homework, about their favourite wild animal, are now being used in ICT lessons to make a leaflet. Children are using word processing skills, editing and formatting to make a leaflet for publication. 
Once finished, in about three weeks, they will be printed. A copy will be included in their Learning Log, one is for their Drafting book to show their literacy skills, and they will be given one copy to bring home for you proud parents to enjoy and be amazed by!,

Going wild for Homework! Children have now got their next Homework task - a report about their favourite wild animal. They can write a report in their Learning Log, create a PowerPoint to present in class, or prepare a speech to give in class.
This work is to be completed and returned by Monday 6th November.
School has two Homework Clubs a week, on Wednesday in the ICT Suite and on Thursday in Year 3, where resources are freely available.
Junior Jam came to visit! On Thursday 12th October and Friday 13th Year 3 had a marvellous couple of sessions with Miss Harrington and the iPads. We were using a programme called GarageBand to make our own songs. On Thursday afternoon, after discussing what makes a good pop song, everyone had the chance to create their own music. We all started by using drums as a base and then adding the sounds of different instruments.
On Friday afternoon, we finished these original songs by adding more sounds. To finish, Miss Harrington gave everyone time to create a Hallowe'en composition, with different layers of instruments and sound effects to add an air of suspence and tension - some were good enough to make the hair on the back of your head stand up!
Everyone played one of their compositions for the whole class to listen to, and recieved a round of applause for their hard work.
Junior Jam came to visit!

Everyone had the chance to make original music.

Science is fun! We are learning about forces and after looking at magnets, we have been talking about air resistance. To test what the impact of different features can be on air resistance, everyone made their own paper airplane. Once we were in the hall, everyone took part in a competition to see whose design was the best. Jaydan's aiplane flew all the way to the other side of the hall, at least four times further than anyone else's! Well done Jaydan - your airplane is now on display in the classroom!
Science is fun!

After testing air resistance with their paper airplanes, Year 3 declared Jayden Class Champion when his airplane flew right across the full width of the hall.

MacMillan update! Well done, parents and supporters of Armley Primary. Altogether we raised £145.20 from the sale of the buns, cakes and biscuits baked and donated for the Macmillan Cake Sale. So many contributions were made in support that Mrs Campbell has been able to organise extra bun sales.
Maths and modelling! One of the Age Related Expectations for Year 3 Maths is to use modelling materials to construct 3D shapes, and we all 'went to town'! Some children used interlocking shapes, while other children used modelling straws and masking tape (easy to tear into small pieces). Altogether, children created triangular prisms, cuboids, tetrahedrons and square-based pyramids. Giovanna and Kye worked really hard to create a dodecahedron - every face is a pentagon. Mrs Wolstenholme was amazed and impressed by their hard work!
Maths and modelling

Completing one of the Maths Age Related Expectations for Year 3 - and it was fun, too!

Such excitement! Year 3 have little visitors to class today, when Mrs Wolstenholme and Mrs Callaghan rescued two baby hedgehogs from the school playground. After spending the day inside the class store cupboard (and a quick trip to Year 4) they were going to spend the night in Mrs Callaghan's house.
Sadly, it was found that Horatio had died sometime through the afternoon, however after a few days at Mrs Callaghan's house, Nelson showed himself to be so lively and healthy that he could be released back into the wild.
Year 3 used the notebooks to research hedgehogs and their lives, and came up with so many interesting facts about their lifestyles. Please ask them about a hedgehog's diet, or what baby hedgehogs are called!
Such excitement!

Horatio waking up.

Great Armley Bake Off! Year 3 enjoyed supporting Macmillan Cancer Relief this September by baking, advertising and organising a cake sale. While learning about instruction texts for Literacy some groups of children baked apple muffins and Smartie cookies. We then designed and created posters to put up around school, and hung decorations in the Community Room.
Mrs Wolstenholme tried a new recipe of ice cream cone buns, which proved popular. However, she ended up washing the oven out because they dripped all over the bottom of the cooker!.
Parents and staff brought in their own baking and donations, while Mrs Campbell and Miss Morrison were amazing and sold them before and after Fantasic Friday Assembly on 29th September.
Great Armley Bake Off!

Children baked, designed posters, and helped set up the cake sale in the Community Room.

Everyone has a monster! Class Dojos are in use all through the school to monitor and encourage children in making good choices. Every class awards points chosen by staff and children, but there are standard points/awards that can be found in every classroom.
The children are allocated a 'monster' as their avatar, and reports can be printed off regularly, showing their strengths. The reports also include a password that adults can use on the free web-site to sign up and follow their child's efforts.
Year 3 have currently got nine parents signed up and sharing their child's achievements. They are also enjoying the opportunity to message Mrs Wolstenholme if they need to, and getting a reply almost straight away.
An invasion of cuddlies! The children in Year 3 are very affectionate, and have the perfect cuddlies to share it with.
Mrs Wolstenholme has brought in Tom and Jenny, who are both older than any child in school. She was given them long ago by the grandparent of one of our current parents (that makes her feel old!!) and they have been in all of her schools since then.
The proud winners of Head Teacher's Award and Star of the Week get the chance to take them home for the weekend.
The rest of the week Tom and Jenny spend in class, where children can interact with them during lessons (if sensible and on-task) or at wet playtimes.
Back to school! Year 3 have started the year, and Key Stage 2, by settling into new routines and returning to old friendships. Mrs Wolstenholme and Mr Barker are setting up a timetable and showing how the children need to work in order to help them gain the most from this important year in their school lives. Key Stage 2 is very different to Key Stage 1, and the children will find things quite difficult at times, but they are off to a good start.