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Welcome to the Key Stage 1 Page of the Armley Primary School Website

Below is an overview of what the children will be covering in Reading, Writing, Maths and other areas of the curriculum this half-term.

Year 1


It’s summer term! In year One, we are very excited about all the changes we can see around us. This term we will be looking at plants and how they grow. We will grow some of our own and look at the lifecycle of various plants.


We will be writing instructions based on ‘The Enormous Turnip’, and making our own versions, maybe even with a made-up vegetable! We will also be looking at the writing of Beatrix Potter and retelling some of her stories.




We continue to use the ‘Read, Write Inc’ phonics scheme in school, and spend 30 minutes each day learning new phonetic sounds, practising and applying those we already know.


In addition to this, Year 1 uses a mix of guided reading – with a focussed text and related questions – and individual reading to work on segmenting and blending words.




This half term, Year One will be learning to times and divide! We will be starting off using cakes and various other delicious items to help us (come take a peek at our class page for photos), and we may be able to eat some… if we’re very lucky.

We will also be investigating fractions and using robots to learn about position and direction.


We continue to use the White Rose Maths scheme to develop our mathematical understanding through a Concrete/Pictorial/Abstract (CPA) approach. This involves using plenty of resources to introduce new topics, with a focus on practicality.


Other areas

Year One are going caving! At some point in the very near future, we will be taking a KS1 trip to Stump Cross Caverns in North Yorkshire – pictures to follow!

In PE, we have coaches from Leeds Rhinos coming in, and be working on our throwing and catching skills, as well as playing invasion games.


Year 2

This term in Literacy, children in year 2 will be reading The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch which is linked to their Design and Technology topic.

Our learning will consist of:

- sentences which use commands identified in the writing of instructions.

- the use of commas when writing lists within a sentence.

- using apostrophes to contract words such as (do not ) to ( don't )

- using adjectives to describe settings and characters in a story


In maths, children will be learning about fractions finding 1/2 ,1/4, 1/3 and 3/4 of given amounts and shapes.

They will also be working with coins up to the value of £2 finding the correct coins to meet the price of certain items and recognise when there should be change given and how much


They will continue to have 'quick maths' tests to build their speed when adding and subtracting numbers up to 20 by mental recall.


In Design and Technology Children are to design a lunchbox suitable for carrying the lighthouse keepers lunch.

They will consider the materials required and explain their choices.

Welcome back after our week half term break.
This term Literacy will be a history based topic learning about the Great Fire of London, which is a significant historic event of the 17th century. During this topic the children will be focusing on report writing and also recounts .
We will also continue with our reading where our focus is on using expression to emphasise meaning
year 2's focus will also be on the comprehensive side of reading where we will be demonstrating our understanding of the text read by giving relevant answers to  proposed questions.

In maths this term, alongside working on measure which includes time and weight, children will undergo some practice test sheets, in preparation for their SAT’s later this year.

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