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Esafety week 2018

E safety week at Armley was the week of 5th February 2018, with a performance from One DAy Creative the previous week sparking off the event.

Children really enjoyed the performance:

"It was amazing! It taught younger children adn refreshed thorughts and ideas for older children." Daniel, Year 5

"The costumes made it exciting." Ethan, Year 5

"It was interactive which really helped." Mckenzie, Year 5
Junior Jam I Media Day - October 2017

Last month we had another visit fro the amazing Junior Jam, who worked with years 1-6 using the Ipads to create and edit their own music. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed making their own music.

Programming Club

The programming club for this year's Digital Leaders has been a great success. Last night saw our open session for parents to come and see what their children had been learning to do on Scratch.

E Safety Week

This week has been e safety week at school and this morning we held an assembly for the classes to talk to the school about the work they had been doing and their visits from D-Side.

Digital Leader

This year's digital leaders have finally been interviewed and awarded their jobs. They will be responsible for photography in assemblies and at special events, they will also help the younger children with their ICT work. A programming club will be held for the digital leaders in the New Year with a focus on Scratch and programming their Sprite in different games and activities.

E-safety February 2016

Reception have been learning all about how to be safe when using computers, Ipads, tablets and phones. They listened to a story about a penguin called Smartie. Smartie had a few problems on his brand new laptop and we watched how he solved these. Reception learnt a new song to help them stay safe. Here it is....

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Junior Jam have recently been in school for an "Iprogram" day with Year6.  They used Ipads to teach the children about programming using algorithms and debuging them.  They will be working their way round all the year groups, but here are some photographs of some of the classes in action!