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Our pupil mentoring system for children in years 1 to 6 is continuing to prove a great success.

The children each have a profile, which shows:
  • For children in Key Stage 1, their baseline assessment on entering Year 1, along with their targets for the end of Year 1 and Year 2.
  • For children in Key Stage 2, based on their end of Year 2 assessments, targets are set for the end of each year. 
Children are then set specific targets each term to help them to improve in their reading, writing, spelling, grammar,  maths and learning behaviour.

During mentoring meetings, these targets are explained to the children, allowing them to understand exactly what they need to do to improve their learning.

The targets and profiles were also discussed with parents and carers at our recent parents evenings, which were very well received. Over half the parents who met with staff completed a response form, all of which said they found the Pupil Profile Sheets helpful. Comments included

“useful to see where they are at....”

“Really pleased with the targets that have been set for my child. I understand the targets clearly...”

“I could see clearly the progress he was making..”

“helped me understand a lot more about exactly what needs improving..”

“very grateful for all the extra support offered to my child...”